Thursday, February 17, 2011


So we went to Wyoming for a little house hunting - no luck. Expensive....a lot more so than Nebraska.  Even then - still no house. 4 out of 5 of our favorite houses had synthetic stucco - no thank you!!!  Beautiful houses - but at that price there are some sacrifices I won't make - like the entry from the garage MUST come into a mud room - one that is big enough to catch shoes, hockey gear, backpacks and coats - as well as the laundry.  One house had a laundry closet in the living room - and right next to said closet was the door in from the garage - right onto the carpet - no tile, no closet, just door onto carpet - what a wreck that would be!!!!!!!!!!  And the kitchen in that house was so bright and beautiful!  I also have to have a bright studio space - sound frivolous - well I plan on putting a lot more time and energy into Star Hitched Wagon and if I am going to be spending many hours a day in my studio  - it needs to be a good one - not a back corner no window in the dungeon tiny office space! (yes this describes the office space in Steve's favorite choice)  Wahhhh.........

Then I come back to a house that we have let get to cluttered.....and now I have to get this house ready for put it on the market...and it makes me want to cry a little - yes I am having a pity party - I promise it will be quick.  Just so much to do

Yes I know people do it all the time.  I'll be fine - I'll get it all done and then I can breathe....I just don't remember being so overwhelmed last time - but that was a fast move - maybe I didn't have enough time to be overwhelmed.  And it wasn't just me.....and that house wasn't as big and we weren't in it as long...makes a difference.

OK - I'm done - but if I am not around a lot - this is why....(cause I will be crying while painting and scrubbing and organizing!!!)

Oh but it will all be so worth it once we are closer to the Big Horns and family and friends!!!

By the way - it is a beautiful day here - so that does make me smile!!!  :)  How about in your neck of the woods???