Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick and big news.....

The Curry's are sick - one or another of us has been sick all week - and it's not fun!!  Whatever I had - which I thought was going away - is now settling with a vengeance into my chest - painful!!!!  I hate going to the doctors but if I am still feeling like this tomorrow I am going in.  So Xander (sore throat - cough - fever) and I will be playing hooky tomorrow- and not happily!!
And I know I haven't been around much - I have been preoccupied!
With Soul Restoration

With Learn to Hockey - which the boys are loving it - like really really loving it - no matter how many times they fell while learning to skate or how hard they are working to get the skills figured out - they still love it and have a blast.  And I can tell ya - they will not be happy about missing tomorrow night!!!!  It really has gone beyond any expectation I had for them!!

 And with something really big!!  Something big is on the horizon for us.....I can't tell yet but soon - stay tuned!!!!  :)