Thursday, October 14, 2010

Macey's Senior Photos

How amazing is this photo?  She is a gorgeous girl - this Macey of mine!!!  :) 

The photographer?  Amazing!  Macey had such a great time - she was totally relaxed and it shows - the results are truly fabulous!!  Mona Kay is awesome - you must give her a call if you need an awesome photographer!  She wrote the sweetest of blog posts about Macey - I think Macey was verklempt!!!  :)

Mona picked a wonderful location - Elmwood Park - which I am sad to say we had never been!  It's crazy beautiful - right behind UNO.  A perfect place to take beautiful photos!  (I am excited to take some fun snapshots of the fam down there.)  It was a beautiful September day!  Macey's love of music and books was something she wanted Mona to capture - makes for some really cool shots!