Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know I know - I am a bad blogger and I think I have said this sooooo many times before...but I really do love my blog!  I really do!!!  And I love reading blogs!!  It's so hard to get back into blogging - and why is that???  So what, I took some time off - just jump back in...but what is it that I want to blog about?  After all it is my blog....I think about all the different facets that make a blog a favorite blog......what could I take from those awesome blogs to make my blog a little better.....

So many of my favorites have such beautiful photos...I love good photos.....which is why I have stuck with Wordless Wednesday....and I am hoping to get in on next months 12 of 12. 
BUT I could do a lot better with my photos....this is something I would like to work on.

I love how positive Carissa at Brown Eyed Fox is....she truly is so uplifting and positive.  Her photos???  Amazing....and she is way creative to boot!!

I love blogs that share good finds - products, art, great websites, books, music - whatever - I love those that share!!  :)  I am pretty sure I have mentioned Lee at The Linar Studio before - she shares the most amazing sites....Stacy Julian is really good about sharing awesome finds as well!!!

Challenges....I really don't participate as much as I would like but I love a good helps be to move outside my comfort zone and discover new medias or techniques - it forces me to stretch in such good favorites include Creative Spark Fridays and The Sunday Creative  Horrible I don't participate - but I print out the challenges to work out when I feel like finally being creative!!  (which as of late is not as often as I would like)

Sweet positive words, success stories, drive and dedication and encouragement to others, creativity, beautiful images and art.....all of my favorite blogs have one or more or all of these Kelly Rae - oh how inspiring she is!!!  On my wish list is her E-book series - Flying Lessons.  So gentle, so kind, so inspiring....

I adore seeing glimpses of peoples homes...and many of the above mentioned have given me SOOOOO many ideas for bits I would like to include in my favorite studios peaks are found at Where Women Create and Where People Create I love these blogs!!!  I love looking at creative spaces there are so many good ideas out there.  My studio is my favorite room in the house and it is a constant evolution...not to mention I keep my idea book full so when I finally get the chance to design my dream studio I will know exactly what I want!!!  :) 

And of course scrappy the scrappy inspiration out there....some my favorites include:
Inspired to Scrap
Stephanie Howell
The Linar Studio
Stacy Julian
Creative Scrappers

So what does all this mean...I have been thinking and plotting and figuring...some sort of plan....for me to start blogging ENJOY blogging again....maybe more beautiful photos, and a challenge or two, hopefully some inspiration, hope to be more uplifting and positive, and I think I will do some sharing - lots of sharing.....and lots of creativity.....and maybe some glimpses of my favorite nooks and crannies here at home!!!