Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project Smile

So I have decided to join Alicia over at Project Alicia and focus on all the things that make me smile!  We all know how easily we can fall into that trap of feeling sorry for ourselves and noticing all the negative things that may happen - but there are just too many wonderful thing that happen to waste time focusing on the negative.  I say let the smiles pour in.....

I can think of many many things this week alone:

My parents visit - oh how I love having family here.  It was SO wonderful.  I just wish it wasn't so long between each visit.
Fun neighbors to laugh with.
Running again.
Lunch with just my beautiful daughter.
Hugs from Connor - the lazy 12 year old hugs - you know the kind????  Like he sort of thinks he's too old for a big bear hug but he still loves hugs - so they are the lay his head on my shoulder, one arm around me kind - they really are the best!!!!
Converse Tennis shoes
Preschool started again - and one of the little sweeties said he couldn't make the poop come out - ok that might be gross to mention on my blog - but common on - it is beyond hilarious!!  Oh those little 3 years old are ADORABLE!!!  They makes me smile every day - so many times.  It really is a great job!
Xander being so PROUD of himself for getting a 100% on his spelling test - he struggles with spelling and he worked hard getting those 10 words memorized.
Good news and moving forward for my wonderful Auntie Carol.
Steve being able to spend time with his brother, sister, mom and nephews.  

These are just a few of my favorites - really there are too many to count.  I like focusing on the good....thanks Alicia for reminding us to catch the smiles!!!  :)