Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One chapter ends and a new one begins....

(Warning - this is picture HEAVY)

We went home a couple of weekends ago to celebrate Megan's big day - high school graduation!  (Meg is my cousin - she and Macey grew up like sisters - my Auntie Carol watched Macey for me while I was still living in Miles City - they are a year apart -  they adored each other and really still do)   It was a quick trip but a great trip.  Lots of family and lots of fun!

The Custer County District High School class of 2010 - I remember sitting in that same first row Meg!  :)  Close to that exact spot I think. 

Mother and Daughter - my auntie Carol and my favorite 2010 graduate - Megan!
Along with Mr Regan, Mr. Ogolin and Mr. Annalora.  These three guys were all there when I was a CCDHS student, but they all have new roles now.  Mr. Oglin was my Biology teacher in jr hi and high school and now he is the principal.  Mr. Annolora was our choir teacher - now he is Vice Principal.  Mr. Regan was Vice Principal now superintendent.  Changes....

Grandma and Megan

Jamie and Jodi went all out with doing some fun party decor.  I just bought candy for the candy buffet!  :)

I remember her when she was that little like it was yesterday.  Where do the days go. 

Mother and Daughter again

Auntie Debbie and Mom

Auntie Jolene, my Uncle Bob, Abby and Megan

My great aunt Stella (she is my grandma's sister) and Meg

Jodi (my seeeester) and Meg

My Uncle Danny, Auntie Lori Megan and Dani Jo (my Mom, Carol, Joleen, Debbie and Lori are sisters)

Dad, Connor and my Uncle Jeff (who is my dad's brother)

Bethany and Meg

Megan and Maggie

Macey and Megan

John and Megan

Megan and Brooke

Brit and Meg

Meg and Jamie (my seeeester)

Jillian, Olivia and Meg

Bob and Steve

Dad and my brother in law Brady

Way to go Megan - I can't wait to see what comes next for you.  You will be a terrific spa/salon owner.  Maybe I can come to work for you as an aromatherapist - or better yet - when you need a line of terrific bath and body products and jewelry - I know a gal who can SET YOU UP!!  :)

We are very proud of you!