Monday, May 10, 2010

Being a Mother is the greatest gift....

Oh it's hard many a days - but what a blessing - what a joy.  When you can laugh and play with your kiddoes - it makes all those tough moments so totally worth it.
Yesterday was a low key - but perfect - Mother's Day.  I woke up to my McDreamy making us all breakfast (coffee already made like it is every day).  And we ALL ate a super yummy breakfast of Breakfast Burritos, together.  Thanks honey!!   Got a few of my favorites and he even wrote some sweet words for me (not a poem or a song - just a little sentiment he has been telling me since high school).
We (all but X-man) even played a little Spit which is always great fun.   

So I thank my main man for spoiling me - for loving me - for putting up with me - and for the gift we share - our children. 
I love YOU all around the world!  :)

I thank my kiddoes for (mostly) getting along - and for (mostly) sticking around for the day so we could spend (most of) it together!  I love you three more than you know!