Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My poor blog - so neglected - the last time I posted was a month ago - so so sad......

In good news we went to Maui - the absolute BEST vacation ever - worth every single penny.  We will be going back many many times......I am working on the wonderful post ith many BEAUTIFUL photographs.  Really you must visit - it is beautiful.  (and I didn't want to ever go to Hawaii - I thought it would be hot and sweaty and buggie and the beaches crowded - it was NONE of those thing - just a perfect place - in fact I think I want to move there)  Here is a preview:

Look at that view behind us - AMAZING!!!  down below was a beautiful black sand beach with lots of gorgeous lava rocks (oh how I love rocks - I wanted to bring many a home with me - but I didn't want to be cursed.

But I have been working on a few new sketches that I will be posting on Sundays - every Sunday.  I PROMISE!!!

I have been making new jewelry - lots of new jewelry with fun components that are new to me....and I have been working with a blog designer who is making me a snazzy new look for my Star Hitched Wagon™ blog, my etsy shop and a few print that is exciting.....all of this for a sort of new Hello from Star Hitched Wagon™ complete with lots of giveaways and stay tuned I will direct you over there when it's time!

Training for the marathon is stinking - only up to just over 7.5 miles and the 1/2 marathon is two and half weeks I will run 8.5 this weekend and then 9 - 9.5 the next and then little ones til the big day.  I trained to 9 on my last one so I think I should be ok.....we'll see....I am really hoping I will be ok.  Anyone else training?  Please share how it's going....I love to read about people's progress - so many different stages - yet so similar - it is so inspiring.  I am cheering for you!!!!
Here are a couple of my favorite running stories/ running motivators:
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And completely random have you tried BlogFrog - kinda cool....

Hope you are all well my sweets....I've missed you.....