Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas is officially over...

...at the Curry house.  I finally took down Christmas.  This pile has been sitting next to our front door for a couple of days now....I just couldn't get motivated.

Probably because I will miss my sweet little pieces of holiday happiness, like my little reindeer - this was my moms when I was little - and I was the lucky one who ended up with it when mom didn't want it anymore.  I love it.  It is my FAVORITE!

And I love my snowmen - like this one. 

I even thought about keeping them up for a month or so - but then I would have to haul out the holiday boxes again to pack them away.  So I will move right into Valentine's decorating.  Which is fun too.

Tomorrow we are all back to school.  I have so enjoyed the lazy - schedule free days - but I do love my job!  Truly LOVE it.  I still can't believe how lucky I got in getting this job.  It is a such a treat every day!  And I miss those little ones.  They are just so sweet!  And by the way - they SPOILED me this Christmas - like crazy spoiled.  When I went in Monday to help get the school cleaned up - my boss showed an amazing pile of loot.  Check this out:

I could hardly believe it!  I feel so blessed!  (not pictured in the most scrumptious loaf of bread I have ever eaten!!!  :)  It was a cinnamon swirl bread from the FarmHouse - you must go get a loaf)

Anywho...as I said Christmas is over and my house is getting a good cleaning - 4 rooms down - 6 to go.  (Purging is a good thing.  I have a HUGE pile of scrappy goods that I am getting rid of - feels good I had soooooo much stuff that I have had for years - thinking I just might use it - this was the year to pass it on to someone else.)  Guess the other 6 rooms will get spread out over the next week - the 4 rooms I did have taken me two days.  :)

In creative news I did get my heart gussied up - I think it is looking cute:

What do you think???  Should I leave it as is or does it need something more??  Wings would be divine (that's a great word) we'll see.  Made anything new lately???  I would love to see - just let me know where to look.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day my friends!!  Visit with you later....

by the way - we just a got a call from the superintendent - school has been canceled for tomorrow - so one more lazy schedule free day spent doing whatever we want - under 8 inches of new snow (that is on top of the 18 inches we already have).  Bop it might be fun - and connect four - and scrapbooking and I really want to paint - and make sculpey clay doo-dads with Xander - only one day though.  Think I can fit it all in....stay safe and warm dear friends!