Monday, October 5, 2009

Scout Proud

Xander has joined Cub Scouts this year - and he LOVES it - he is so dedicated to learning what he needs to and excited about the meetings - and he always has such a great time.
I had NO IDEA that Boy Scouts were created based on a story from the Jungle Book - The Story of Akela and Mowgli - did you??? Xander really enjoyed listening to the story and was just as surprised as I was - now we want to watch the Jungle Book! :) Yes Disney's version - maybe someday I will read the REAL Jungle Book to him - I think he would enjoy it.
Anywho...Scouts are good - the handbook goes over SO MANY things with the kids - it is really quite impressive. Things like:
Safety - we had a great discussion on strangers and safety.
Using tools - Steve and Xander made a birdhouse together.
Being honest and helpful and why it's important.

He really does take it seriously and I am so proud of him. Plus doesn't he look so cute and grown up!!!

Oh and let's not forget he learns to be a good salesman - yes he will be selling the infamous Trail's End Popcorn and a lot of it - so hey if ya want some give me a holler :) Xander is actually VERY excited to go to our neighbors and sell his goods! Here's to hoping he sells 27 items so he can get that marshmallow blaster. :)