Friday, October 16, 2009

Fantastic Projects from Feeling Scrappy's........

.......Simplify the Season Class!

Stacey showed us how to make these great gift card holders - love this!!!

Lee showed us all how to make these awesome Button Trees. I had such a blast with these - even Xander helped me out!

I did a how to on how to make these wonderful boxes in all different shapes and size - oh how I love them - then will be finding their way under the Christmas tree this year to house many special gifts.

I also did a fun mitten that holds candy canes

Stacey had a great how to on gift mixes in fancy jars. This was mine - it houses a playdough mix. Such fun!!

We even had great cards sketches and layout sketches.

From Lee:

From Jayne:

From Me:

From Stacey:

From Me:

From Lee:

Both layouts from Lee:

Really you have got to sign up for all the classes that Feeling Scrappy has to offer! The value is incredible. There are prizes galore - fun people - and you get so much done! And when finished you have the tools to do everything we learned in class on your own whenever and however you want! How cool is that!?! Our next class will be Sketchapalooza 5! It starts October 26th - it's only $25.00 for 20 sketches - that is AWESOME! I really hope to see you there - I promise you will love it!