Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 Things: To Do To Dress Like Your True Self

I love it when I find clothes that fit me just right - size wise and personality wise.

I am very eclectic so here are my 8 things: My Clothing Style

1) vintage/Anthro style.

2) I adores the hippie style - peasant tops, long sweaters, boots, flowy garments that scream artsy fartsy. Favorites

3) I also love funky punk clothes - t-shirt with a thin long sleeve underneath with jeans and my adored converse tennis shoes from high school.

4) Oh yeah - most would consider it a fashion faux pas - but I love me some bright funky patterned wild socks!!!

5) Dresses (with jeans of course)

6) Star Hitched Wagon™ jewelry - it just doesn't get any better! Really digging my leather cuff!

7) OH yeah and let's not forget that I love yoga inspired clothing - I wish I could say I did yoga all the time - I do it occasionally - but I love the look and feel of the clothing. I come home from work and change into these wonderful clothing items immediately.

8) And I still secretly wish I dressed like Meg Ryan's Proof of Life style - long skirts with t-shirts and sweaters with belts and beautiful boots!!!

Here are 8 people whose style I love:

Brown Eyed Fox


Little Bird Vintage


Lisa Leonard

Kelly Rae Roberts