Thursday, October 29, 2009

8 things: I love about my big family

I am pretty lucky - I have an awesome family! I was born into a pretty terrific family and married into one. So here are my 8 things that I love about being part of this clan!!!

1. Friends galore - there are soooo many of us - parents, grandparents, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

2. Family get together - lots of noise - on my mom's side - they are Italians - and loud - and we all talk at once - I love it - but it can be intimidating to people who are not used to it.

3. Forgiveness - sure we fight - but we forgive - no matter what!!!! That's just how you do it!!! If we offend someone or hurt their feelings - we mend, we forgive, and we move forward - still loving one another. We would never let a hurt ever drive a permanent wedge - NOT EVER - NO MATTER WHAT!!!

4. Support - we are always there for one another. And if we are not we get a swift kick in the rear and make it right. But we cheer one another on - that's just what we do.

5. THE FOOD!!!! Can I say that??? I mean this family can cook - and we like to cook lots of it. (I will do a mini 8things here - favorite foods: 1) Grandma's spaghetti with vinegar & oil salad (Grandma's vinegar and oil salad is just the best - don't know what the trick is - it's her loving touch :)) 2) Mom's Green Chili & Chimichangas 3) Suzy's Greasy Delicious 4) Airport Inn Pizza (OK this is totally not my families food but we always have it when we get together in Miles City and I love it) 5) Jodi's Cajun Pasta 6) Dad's Philly Cheese steaks 7) Grandma's Japanese Fruit Pie 8) Debbie's Apple Salad - and this is what sounds the best today - ask me tomorrow and I probably will be missing 8 other favorites :))

6. FUN - we really can have fun - doing whatever - cause it's easy hanging out with people you love - and fun is sure to follow. (bowling, games, sledding, coffee, bars, you name it we can have fun doing it)

7. Fierce Bond - we love each other fiercely - and this makes me happy!

8. That we need each other - when we are all together it feels better - even if we get crazy or tense it's still always great to be together.