Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Days

So the kids have been back in school for an entire week now. Crazy! Where did the summer go?
The kids are now at three separate schools - I can't believe Connor is in junior high or that Macey is actually a junior in high school - and my baby is a 2nd grader. Time really does fly - it feels like I was just writing the back to school post for Macey entering high school just yesterday.
Steve and I were in Steamboat for the majority of their 1st week back to school and my wonderful friend Teri and her family took great care of the boys while we were gone. I felt bad being gone for such an important week - but all three seemed to handle it a-ok. Looks like it's gonna be a good year - they all seem to be enjoying it.

I too will be entering my own form of school days. I am excited to say I just started a new job as an assistant preschool teacher at a local preschool! I am really looking forward to it - what a great group of ladies I will be working with. The hours/schedule couldn't be more perfect. I guess the perfect job comes around when you let go....

I love this second graders cool shoes and backpack! He loves skulls and black and flames. Should I be worried? Nah cause he still loves to snuggle and give his mom tons of hugs and kisses.

And he's off....