Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More of the Big Horn Mountain Run

Some great photos before the run - Ivan looks cold!

During the run: look at those views!! So beautiful!

Even took a quick break for a photo with his dad - who made the trip down. Him being there meant a lot to Steve. I am so glad Steve's mom and dad walked up a ways so they could cheer him through and to snap some photos of him running. He looks great - a little tired - hence the "wild eyes".

And he is off again - almost to the finish line.

Relaxing after the 11 hours and 41 minutes of running.

He had a big cheering section this year. Me and the boys, both his mom and his dad, my mom and dad, my uncle Jeff, Itchy and Kayleen, Mary and the boys. It was a great day spent at the park - I think he was happy to see us all at the finish line!! WAY TO GO STEVE!!!!

The damage - a pretty bruised cankle - from rolling his ankle - twice. But he is running already - so they are getting better.