Monday, June 15, 2009

One heck of a FANTASTIC evening!

Guess who this is:

COLDPLAY!!! I am not even kidding! :) This was on my list of ULTIMATE concerts that I just dreamed about going to - there were only 2 on the list:
And I, being one of the luckiest gals in the world, went to Coldplay this past weekend. YES I DID!!! It was even better than I imagined! OMG they are just amazing - I danced and bopped and felt like a kid. You can't help but dancing to their music! AMAZING!!
Snow Patrol was AWESOME as well - what GREAT music and really the perfect band to be on concert with Coldplay.
Before Snow Patrol was Howling Bells - they were good too! Close to 4 hours of music! Just awesome.
And the company was great! My sweet hubby was my date and my GREAT friend Denise and her friend Dave flew in for the weekend!
Oh what a night!!!
Seriously if you ever have the opportunity to see these guys in concert it is so worth every penny plus some!

This was WAAAAYYYY cool - they came to the back of the arena where we were sitting and sang a few songs - see how close they are. Ahhhh.....heaven! :)

By the way - have I mentioned how amazing this night was???????

Sorry about the blurry photos - cell phones can only do so much! :)