Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I was spoiled

I hope that all you wonderful mothers had a terrific Mother's Day. We had a very low key day at home - Connor was sick - poor guy - he felt miserable. It was a nice day at home - with dinner from Pepperjack's - yummy! And look at all this loot - wow was I spoiled.
Thank you to my wonderful hubby and children - because without you 4 I wouldn't be a mom. And being a mom is the greatest gift in the world! I love you S, M, C and X!!!

Random things the X said about me:
I am special because I like to play
He likes it when I hug him
He thinks I am best at chalk
He likes to make me smile by hugging me
He likes to tell me he loves me

Then my favorites as he wrote them:
My mom is as pretty as a rows (rose - love his spelling what a sweetie)
My mom is smart! She even knows cursiv (he is so easily impressed)