Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful Artisans

A recently discovery has been made - new bead/silver artists. Most discoveries were made thanks to Art Bead Scene, - they are such a supportive community for bead and jewelry artisans. These discoveries consist of pieces I couldn't wait to purchase and add to my designs. Pieces that I see in my dreams where the first steps of creativity take place - pieces that have such heart. It sounds a little corny maybe but they have such a warmth about them - I imagine it is because a little bit of the artists heart goes into each and every piece.
I want to share the artists with you - you really should check them out and support them in their dreams and endeavors - they really do have something great.

Humble Beads
I will soon be adding treasures created with their Antoinette lentil and disc beads as well as their beautiful cuff beads inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night - just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to get these beauties in my hands.

Beautiful romantic hearts - I have already made two treasures with these beautiful hearts - one which I have submitted for publication. I love the feel they give - they really just add a warm aged romantic feel.

Cathy Dailey
I purchased lots of stars and hearts, to add whimsy and soul.

My wish list consists of many more artisians:

Heather Wynn her beautiful polymer quote pendants are truly terrific. So many wonderful quotes - the dreams are in place for new treasures - treasures you will want as a note to self or to remind your loved ones that Love is All the Matters or To Love Bravely

Earthenwood Studios I can see these fun face stones in a ring - once I can set myself free in the Silversmith Shop and these customizable Message Sticks and Stones could create a beautiful story.

Hint her charms bring about dreams of talisman treasures.

Round Rabbit her porcelain pieces have such beautiful vibrant colors and shapes. I adore red and often have people asking for red treasures - so I use garnets, a lot of garnet because they are so beautiful but a brighter vibrant red I dream of.

Dreams brought to life:

The Key to Your Heart is YOU!

This treasure was created to remind the wearer to unlock what is in their heart. To be brave, to believe, to go after what your heart desires most.

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

Thank you Emerson for this small statement. It has called to me loudly for years! It sums up my dream - this adventure I am on. I hitched my wagon to a star and brought to life Star Hitched Wagon™. This treasure might stay with me - my constant reminder to again be brave - to hitch my wagon to a star when it calls so loudly.

All sterling silver heart and star charms used come from Cathy Dailey