Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I have a tree fetish - I like all trees but I really dig bare trees - they are just soooo cool!!
I took this picture out at Platte river and I LOVED it!!! Yes this is a Stacey Curry original! :)
So I did a super cool effect from picnik called cinemascope and had a 12 x 18 poster print done from for under $12.00 - bought a cheaPy frame from Walmart with mat included for under $20.00 and it's love!!!

It will go perfect in my living room along with my Past Dreams Print by David Winston from - I think mine is just as good if not better! :) I'm just sayin....
Later this week I will show you the super cool poster print of the kids I had done also. Readers this is an AWESOME gift idea if you like to take pictures. I used a point and shoot digital camera (Canon Powershot SD1100 IS) and the quality of the poster prints = BEAUTIFUL!!!