Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh SOOO Fun!

(Blurry photo by very nice stranger)
What fun we had in Vegas. I am sooo glad we just agreed to go. We have never had a trip before - just the three of us sisters - it was good to do and we will do it again. Vegas was amazing - overwhelming - but so many really cool things to see. We were there three nights - I think two is perfect - we were exhausted by the third night. The first night we got back to our room at 2 or 3 am (the sisters flight didn't get to Vegas until almost 10 pm), second night midnightish and the third night I think it was 8 pm. We played the machines and did a lot of sight seeing and a TON of walking. And we laughed a lot - cause when we three get together we get goofy! Oh I miss those two tremendously - so good to bond.
By the way - did I tell you where we stayed? Hooters - mmm hmmm - yes three women by ourselves at Hooters - way cheap is all I can say - and the rooms and casino were fine - although we didn't spend a ton of time there. And this is about all I photographed of our hotel - the background for this pic.

And cause this was our view


When Jamie called dad to ask if he could wire us some money - he gets our humor.

Doing the 40 Year Old Virgin lines Bockness-style.

New York New York - Such a cool place inside and out. I wish I would have been brave enough to ride that roller coaster.

HOT SHOTS - oh we were sure one of those big progressives pots were gonna be ours!

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens - the smell - oh the smell was perfection - like Jamie said - if only I could bottle it. Everything about the Bellagio was beautiful - if we go back to Vegas I am staying there - the price is worth it.

The Bellagio "water canons" (as Jodi called them).

Pearls out of the shell

Lunch on the patio at Border Grill in Mandalay Bay

It was just a great trip - with great company!!! I missed Steve and the kids terribly and am so glad to be home with them, but I am so thankful I was able to get away for a refresher!!!