Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Happy 8th Birthday to my baby...

Ok so he is SOOOOO NOT a baby anymore - but he is our baby - right? Makes me sad how quick they grow up.
But yes it is true, our Xander is 8.

Xander's top 10:
10. Snuggling with his mom (ok I picked this one)
9. Bedtime Stories
8. Playing with his family
7. Playing with friends
6. Art Projects
5. Ball Tag
4. Nerf Gun Tag
3. Drawing
2. Video Games
1. LEGOS - he just can't get enough. For his big day he recieved 4 new lego sets - and he is so excited. Plus he received two target gift cards and I have a feeling he will be using them to buy some Indiana Jones Lego sets.

He had a party with his friends last night. They ate pizza and a Madagascar 2 cake. They played "old school" games like pin the top hat on the snowman, the clothespin drop games, drawing a face while blind folded, and the one where you blindfold the kids give them a spoon and a bowl and they have to try to scoop all of the cotton balls up. They had lots of fun. I will post some photos later.