Thursday, November 20, 2008


A sweet friend and her hubby and a couple of little ones need our prayers. Truly such a heart breaking story. They have been caring for two beautiful little ones in hopes of permanently making them part of their family. Today they we were notified that the little ones will be sent back to live permanently with their biological parents just next week.
They are....."heartbroken and scared and are now begging you for our prayers. They have spent the day on their knees, praying that God will keep them safe. Won't you please join us? If you belong to a church, please add the kids to your prayer list. If you are in a prayer chain or a member of an online site that allows prayer requests or know just one person who is willing to say a prayer or two for E & H--will you please tell them their story and ask that they also tell all their praying friends? They need God's help." (this was taken directly from Becca's blog.)
So come on let's pray - they need us. I can't even imagine the pain they are going through. But I will pray - a lot - for them all, I really hope you will all join me.