Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

What fun we all had - a really nice night (after huge afternoon temper tantrums from both mom, daughter and middle son)!!! Everyone did such beautiful jobs carving. WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! Especially Xander - he is really the driving force for getting everything done - with questions like this since September: "Come on mom please?!?!" "How many days til we get to put up decorations?" "How many days til we get to buy pumpkins?" "How many days til we get to carve pumpkins?" It's pretty hard not to agree to his sweet little face.....
Anyways here are our masterpieces

This is a tedious job - sorting all these seeds - but we love to eat them after they have been roasted - except guess what? Oh yeah - I forgot about them and they baked at 200 degrees for over 12 hours - yeah - all night long. UGHHHH..........amazingly enough they didn't burn they're just not as tasty as usual - just a TAD to dry.