Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New layouts

Finally back to creating layouts on a regular basis - and I am lovin it!!!
I got the Becky Fleck book - Scrapbook Page Maps - OH MY.......EVERYONE needs this book.....I LOVE IT!!!! I have a small confession to make - I don't like spending money on scrapbook idea books - I always think to myself - man I could buy a lot of paper for the price of this book. But I LOVE Becky Flecks sketches so I went for it - and the price was super reasonable......plus she lives in Montana - and that in itself makes her a SUPERSTAR!!!! Anyways...long story short - so worth every penny - I have been using it a ton. My two Nevada city pages are based on her sketches, so is cool old stuff, and we love candy stores. The thing that is so cool about this book - is she has the sketch and then two or three done up layouts - which I think inspires creativity to make it your own - you can use the sketch EXACTLY as she has it or pull elements that you love. So worth it - run out and buy it now...