Friday, August 22, 2008

Tomarrow is such an exciting day....


My sister Jodi and her hubby Brady and their girls Abby and Maggie AND my parents will be here for a whole week!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. It is the perfect time - becuase I have been a teensy bit blue with the kids back in school - so a week with them will be just what the doctor ordered!!!
Jodi, Brady and the girls have not been out yet - so it's going to be fun showing them around - so many places I would like to take them. Especially the see their faces!!!

Fun to do list while they are here:
Old Market Farmer's Market, Shops and Eating
Schramm and Platt River State Parks
Lunch at the Main Street Diner in Louisville
Archiver's (Jodi loves to scrapbook like I do)
Maybe some antique-ing
Walks around Zorinsky & Wierspann
Lots of sidewalk chalking
Lots of Trampolining
Coffee in the mornings with the fam on my newly decorated front porch :)
Lots and lots of visiting