Thursday, August 7, 2008

So pretty

So ya all like my new look???? Isn't this background beautiful???? It was free from The Cutest Blog on the Block
Love the red and yellow - so much prettier than it was before! Hope you all like it. GO check it out if you want to beautify your blog....:)
Oh and I did the little banner using Rhonna Ferrer's free kits from 2 peas
Black background from the New Year Kit
Ribbon embellishments from Shabby Princess Dinner Party Collection
Yellow Paper from the Shabby Princess Promise Collection
Oh and the quote - love it - trying to use it as my motto, such GREAT words to live by.....I noted the author - but I discovered it in my inbox from The Foundation for a Better Life You can sign up for their free inspiration a day - it is the best. I have just added to my blog - so now you can be inspired daily! Love it and while you are there - check out their billboards. Awesome - I smile whenever we are driving around and see one.....just so cool!!!!
So that's that - a new outfit for my love la la la love