Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So who out there loves to read? Here is a list of GREAT books I have read this summer:
A Mermaid in the Basement - Michael Lee West - Love it - easy read

Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allen - One of my new favorites

The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks - WONDERFUL!!!!

Here on Earth - Alice Hoffman - good but kind of dark...

Skylight Confessions: A Novel - Alive Hoffman - good but sad

The Center of Winter - Marya Hornbacher - very good - heartbreaking but full of hope.

Hope's Boy - Andrew Bridge - true story - very sad but a great message about love.

So in my bathroom - next to my bath - cause yes that is where I do a great deal of reading - I have a mountain of books - that I read together a little bit each day. Right now this is the mountain:

Who Moved my Cheese - If you have trouble with change - maybe you should read this - super super easy read - but you might laugh at yourself when finished. Very good. This is one Steve got through work - he really liked it so I gave it a shot.

Your Best Life Now - Joel Osteen - positive book that helps to keep your mind on the positive track. I got this one for Steve for his birthday - he watched his occassionally on tv and likes his messages. So I thought I'd read it.

The Secret - I have been reding this for awhile - but I like it's message - positive...

A Return To Love - Mairanne Williamson

Simple Abundance A Dayboook of Comfort and Joy - Steve's mom gave this one to me - so good!! Just a page or two for everyday of the year. Really connecting with the pages right now.

God's LIttle Devotional Book for Moms - Steve's Step Mom gave this one to me - I have had it for some time - and have read through it several times. I just got it out again - cute inspirational stories. Easy read - really enjoy it!

And then these ones that I checked out yesterday:

The Art of Happiness at Work - The Dalai Lama XIV

A Year to Live - Stephen Levy - no I am not dying or even sick - I just figured more of us should live like it were the last year of our life - no regrets, eah? Start the bucket list now not at the end. We'll see if it is too much about death then I probably won't finish.....

The Essential Dalai Lama - His Important Teachings esited by Rajiv Mehrotra

How to Expand Love - Windening the Circle of Loving Relationships - Dalai Lama XIV

Why is There Something Rather than Nothing - Leszek Kolakowski

And then the novels (next to my bed - ready to take to the pool):

Sundays at Tiffany's - James Patterson - Been waiting for this one!!!

Last Kiss - Luanne Rice

Belong to Me - Marisa de los Santos - Been waiting for this one!!!

Love and Biology - Jennie Shortridge

If you are on Good Reads add me as a friend then we can read each others lists of books - that is how I have found some of the books on my list.