Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And They Are Off.....

The kids started school today. I was not ready for them to start. It's too quiet in the house. And believe it or not I really enjoy being with them in the summer.....not that we do a ton of super special activities...but I like being around them...So yes I am missing them. But THEY were super excited - all of them - so that is what is most important. I hope they have great teachers and really enjoy the school year. It IS exciting to start a new adventure.

I have been staying busy this morning. Listed a few new pieces of jewelry - moved a TON of new jewelry to the sold list. Thanks mom - she is my number one marketing tool!!! :) So NOT nice to call my mom a marketing tool. But I am pretty sure she sells more jewelry than I do. In fact, I know she does!!! So sorry you guys missed out on some BEAUTIFUL pieces. Although the new owners are going to be very happy!!!!
One new piece - Elizabeth

I suppose I should vacuum and do laundry - plenty of time to do that....Hope you are all having a FANTASTIC day.

Oh by the way I finished Belong to Me - Marisa de los Santos - such a beautiful book about evolving relationships. Loved it. You must read!!!