Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thrifting Re-do's

From this:

to this:

Ok it's not a huge transformation - I love candlesticks like these but didn't like the colors. So for about $6.00 I have these beautiful black lovelies.
Now the vase needs either a glossy top coat or a stain wash to give it that shabby look. What do you think??? And of course it needs a wonderful flower arrangment or maybe sticks (because I love me some sticks).....
If you have thrifty re-do's or re-do's of something you had lying around in storage please post the link here - I would love to see what everyone is doing. Plus need new ideas!!!!

Ok silly enough look what I found out there in the wonderful world of internet- you too can have these lovely candlesticks and for about the same price I paid for my goodwill finds. Casey's Wood Products fun unfinished and in different sizes. How cool....