Saturday, June 7, 2008

Evolution of my hair

I was thinking about the different lengths my hair has been - trying to figure out which is best and I am not sure. I think I want to go even shorter than it is now - although not as short as it has been at it's shortest - man I hated that haircut. Anyways - what about all of you??? I would sooooo love to see the evolution of your hair - if you play along please share a link!!!
My senior pictures - hair fall 1993

Me looking ever so dorky - my 10 year class reunion - hair July 2004

Myself and my Auntie Carol - hair May 2005

Macey and I - hair fall 2005

Us the zoo - hair May 2007 - I think this is the longest my hair has been since highschool - if not ever!!!

Steve and I - hair fall 2007

Steve and I - hair christams 2007

Me - hair May 2008

ME - hair now - and trust me I am FULLY aware just how REDICULOUS I look in this picture - it's the best I have with my current haircut - lame I know.

the back now