Monday, May 26, 2008

Been awhile since....

...I posted a top 10 list - so for today my top 10 joys are:

1) A good run - with Xander on his scooter and Connor on his bike.

2) Macey's thoughtfulness and my beautiful new birdbath.

3) Steve listens.

4) The wonderful wonderful smells of spring - the lilacs are in full bloom and my house smells wonderful!!!

5) Growth and change.

6) My family.

7) Lovin Duffy - makes me want to DANCE!! (secretly when no one is around I do)

8) My new perfume - euphoria - mmmm yum!!!

9) Excitment of summer break coming...only 4 days of school left!

10) My creative gifts - I am REALLY REALLY enjoying the creative process lately - now if I could just get that silver order I would be doin even better!!!!

What's your top 10 today??? Please do share.