Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sorry so overdue!!!

My parents came for Easter they arrived last Thursday and left Tuesday of this week. Wow - it was so wonderful to have them here. I have been missing them horribly so I was so ready for a visit. It's just so nice to hang out with them. The kids were in heaven. They really just love them. We didn't do anything huge - just lots of hanging out together. We did a little shopping, ate out, went to Easter mass....
Mom and I made our Easter dinner - it was very yummy! We had ham and turkey breast (that I did in the crock pot - a recipe from my friend Jayne), mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, rolls (like Suzy's), and I made an apple pie and mom made the YUMMIEST no bake cheesecake (a recipe she got from Fred - someone she used to work with - THANKS Fred - I think it is my new favorite dessert!!!) There was a ton of food - it was very nice!
I was sad to see them go but I think poor Connor was the saddest - he cried himself to sleep Monday night before they left - he just had so much fun with them here - he hated to see them go.
Here are some pictures from Easter:

Sad to say Macey worked on Easter - :( So she didn't go to Easter Mass with us - which is why she isn't in these dress up photos - we took these as soon as we got home from Mass. We did eat our dinner when she go t home and she did do the Easter Egg hunt with us.

Easter Egg Hunt: