Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Soon to be Published

So back in October I discovered a website for a jewelry magazine called Bead Trends. So I looked at the publication calls and thought what the heck - so I submitted 6 pieces of jewelry. I just did it - and didn't put too much thought into it after it was done. To be very honest I thought it was a long shot - which is silly but that's a whole other personal battle. Anyways...2 1/2 weeks later I recieved notice that they would like to publish 4 of the 6 pieces that I submitted. Can you belive it???? Little ole me?!?! Published in the March/April 2008 issue of Bead Trends magazine!!!! I say HOORAY!!!
I will remind everyone when the magazine comes out - then you can make sure you get your hands on the issue. I will then post the pieces on here - once they have been released back to me! :)