Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Project Studio

So Project Studio....took the couch out and moved it to the sitting room and now I have a lot more room to work with. I have been whining to Steve about how much I want the studio to be beautiful and very well organized. I haven't done anything to it - I just stuck pictures on the nails that were here before we moved in and there is no rhyme or reason.....I want some shelving with jars for my ribbon, a new desk that is bigger than the one I have - maybe even a table - something bigger......and I need more paper storage so I can sort mine better and something to store and organize my scraps and embellishments....and...and...and - you see the trend. And I also need some art work on the walls. I want to frame the black and whites from photography class - think those will be a great addition - oh and I want to paint the walls - the colors theme will be brown/beige, red and green based on bedding I saw at Pottery Barn.