Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Project Studio - almost complete

So I am really loving my new studio. Steve and our friend Itchy put together my new bookcase for me this past weekend. I LOVE IT!!!! It's perfect - it looks great and holds tons!

I have been watching the little red suitcases at Hobby Lobby and they went on sale - $4.00 each - I got all that they had left - which was 4.

I had also been watching the milk bottles and tool caddy at Gordman's - so I finally picked those up - I am loving their "functions" - they are working perfectly and look so good.

Got lots of red boxes all on clearance at Gordmans's too - so I can finally break things up and store them together (although I still am working on that).

Loving this huge jar from Target - so cool with it's fun red lid - holds tons of ribbon (alhtough I think I need one more). Like the cool body - my little sister did this for me - looks great up here!! and the fun little jars from World Market - they hold paper clips, mini clothespins,'s empty for now.

Put the step shelf on top of the table to give me more storage and to get the TV up a bit so I could see it better while scrappin. Steve made the step for me for Star Hitched Wagon products for shows - they aren't being used right now so this one has a new job. And it has a perfect amount of space for my cricut.

Funny - this chair looks so beautiful in the studio. I stole it from our living room. It's twin and matching ottoman are still in the living room. This one didn't get used much it mostly just filled empty space. So I moved the other chair and end table to fill up more space so it doesn't look bare - it works and now my studio looks so beautiful!! Now I have a comfy reading chair (or TV watching chair).

Notice the bare space on the wall above the chair - this is where a Jamie Stoltz original will be going. My sister is an artist - although she constantly says she is not crafty. She is working on a beautiful canvas - a nudish silhouette type piece - in the red-ish black colors. She gave me a sneak peak over Christmas - it is going to me fantastic. I can't wait to hang it.
The next things will be to get a new desk (Trestle desk from Target), a new computer desk (corner desk from JCPenney) and a new desk for Xander/Steve (Trestle desk from Target). Needs a bit of art and some framed pictures on the walls. But a few things at a time. In time it will all be done. So far I am LOVING it.