Friday, September 7, 2007

Discovering Nebraska

So last weekend I insisted we go adventure seeking/exploring. I wanted to see the nature part of Nebraska - get away from the meca. This is what we discovered - smack dab in the middle of all these corn fields is Platte River State Park. You can read about it here:
BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was truly awesome. Like 10 minutes from our house but it felt like home - not big city at all. You can even rent little cabins. I think we may try to do that this fall if they are open that late.

We have acorns!!!!

Lincoln Journal Tower

At the top - scarry!!!

View from the top - beautiful!!!

This was pretty cool - although some what humourous. We saw a trail head sign that said "The Falls" and we thought - WAY COOL!!!! So we walked the beautiful trail - (the picture of us up above were on the trail) and got to "The Falls" A flat rock where the itty bitty creek flows over ( I guess we are used to falls like in Wyoming and Montana). But still beautiful!!!

This church is beautiful (I keep using that word) Over 100 years old (think it said 1896) - again right in the middle of the corn fields right off the highway.