Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So if you this (above) what would you do with it???
OH pick me pick me I know I know....
Thank goodness you picked me to tell you what I think I should do with
as soon as my hubby can help then this will be on the wall. It's an old window/door frame that my dad gave me (thanks Jodi for the discovery). I am going to put a layout in each of the "panes" - and hang it the long way above my couch in the "studio". I made the layouts 9 x 12 - haven't really figured out how I will attach the layouts thinking I might put little hooks in each of the spaces and then attach ribbon or fishing line to each layout and hang them on the loop - not sure. But I love how most of the layouts turned out. And I can change them out throughout the year. So super cool if I do say so myself!
These are the layouts that will go in first (There are only 8 - I need to make one more).