Monday, August 20, 2007

Me Race?

So it's official. I ran an official timed event. A 10K. I have to say I was happy with how I did - my goal was to finish in 75 minutes or less (yes I am a slower runner but I am ok with that). You'll notice I came in 8th place - that sounds so much better than last. :) But my time was great (I know maybe not for you but for me) - 4 minutes and 36 seconds under my goal.

Team Nebraska Summer Series Race #1
Aug. 19, 2007
Lake Zorinsky, Omaha
8:00 a.m.
75 degrees

1. Ron Lampe 40:19
2. Steve Curry 44:09
3. Ron Perry 49:05
4. John Lukes 49:59
5. Charisse Konz 52:48 (1st female)
6. Ed Scanlan 52:51
7. Shery Noar 1:06:52
8. Stacey Curry 1:10:24

Steve did very well! He did this run to achieve a seeded pass for the upcoming Corporate Cup. He had to finish in 50 minutes (I think). He did so he gets "special placement" at the start of that race.
I however will not get "special placement" which is ok I wasn't aiming for it. I would have had to run in under 55 minutes. The fastest mile in my log was just over 11 minutes. I think I would like to be at the very back of the pack - in case I fall or something - I wouldn't want to be trampled. There are like 10,000 plus runners!!! Crazy wild - it will be a whole new experience for us! But I have to admit I am excited.
Anyways....this run was a small turn out but a great bunch of people. So way to go to all of those who put on the race and for those who ran it!!! Congrats on a job well done!!! :)