Monday, June 25, 2007

We went down to the Summer Arts Festival in Omaha and saw and heard some pretty awesome stuff. The weather was perfect so it was a great day.
Here is a list of my favs:
Brule These guys were amazing - such beautiful music. My mother in law gave me a CD prior to leaving Wyoming and I though there music was beautiful - but they are even better to live. Such talent. Read up about them - impressive story. For those of you who are close to Rapid City they are giving a free concert in July at Mount Rushmore - it would be an awesome thing to see.

Zecca Studios Way cool sculptures - totally unique. My favorite being: Number Three The kids of course loved Sinister

Katzu Designs Fun night lights and wall lights. Had favorites here to Camp Fire and Bikini Martini The boys really enjoyed this booth.
And talent I so desperately wish I had - Jewelry Designer Caroline Viene Her stuff was gorgeous - fun and unique. I just have to learn some silversmithing. Macey and I decided it would be a great thing to learn together. She said she needs a hobby, I suggested this and she agreed it would be fun. She will probably be awesome at it and be the next "it" in jewelery!!! :)

Macey and I really enjoyed a photographer pair Glen and Gayle Wans. Macey loved Marbles Pick Up Sticks and Daisy and me - yes they were rocks Stones and I really like the Pear series and many others they have.

Don Ament I have a thing about rocks and trees and this guy captured some amazing shots of trees. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I need a couple!! Like The Guardian and Brief Contact and Dream Delivered OK that is more than a couple - but this guy is good!!!
And another photographer that I loved - who of course had trees Raquel Edwards Her Lone Tree is so wonderful - it really needs to be on a wall our home. And not a tree but wonderfully fantastic Community Fire Truck.
Some rocks - Billi Harrill had some shots of rocks that are just so cool!!! Lakeshore Rocks, Fall Reflections and Water Colors - and she has so many more amazing photos.
So yes here's my ramblings but hopefully you will discover something new to enjoy.